The pairing of the spaces underneath the Gardiner with those of Leslie Street Spit is inspired by the characteristics and atmosphere of the spaces.  For example, standing on Dan Leckie Way looking towards the light filtering through the never ending arches of the Gardiner I was reminded of the feeling of infinity that one gets at the Spit when reaching the shore and looking towards the Lake.  The walk underneath the Gardiner, therefore, does not fully follow a circular route along Leslie Street Spit, as illustrated in the location maps below.

Location Maps

gardiner map with locations

Gardiner Expressway locations: 01 Dan Leckie Way; 02 Spadina Avenue; 03 Rees St; 04 York St; 05 /06 Yonge St; 07/08 Lower Jarvis St; 09; Lower Sherbourne St; 10 Cherry St

spit map

Leslie Street Spit habitat locations: 01 Rubble Beach (Dan Leckie Way); 02 Dry Meadow (Spadina Avenue); 03 Woodland (Rees St); 04 Embayment Edge (York St); 05 Marsh (Yonge St); 06 Dry Meadow (Yonge St); 07 Woodland (Lower Jarvis St); 08 Wet Meadow (Lower Jarvis St); 09 Woodland (Lower Sherbourne St);  10 Rubble Beach (Cherry St)